The Police – Sending Out an SOS…to the Kinnons

kinnon —  February 9, 2007 — 2 Comments

PoliceThe Police may be reuniting for a world tour according to today’s Globe. And all of the Kinnons want to go. How cool is that?!

We’ll be watching the Grammys on Sunday night…just to see them.

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2 responses to The Police – Sending Out an SOS…to the Kinnons

  1. I knew about the Grammys but I had no idea they were gearing up for a Tour. I hope Sting and Stuart Copeland manage to get along long enough to make it to Toronto. I’m totally in.

  2. The ONLY band — with living members — I could be excited about seeing reunited. Didn’t think it would ever happen, either.

    I hate the Grammys, and we’re watching it tonight.

    Bets on what they play? I don’t know how many songs, but I’m guessing — just a guess — Synchronicity II, or maybe “Spirits in Material World.” But just guesses…


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