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kinnon —  March 24, 2007 — Leave a comment
  • Steve McCoy links to this Todd Heistand post – The Gospel and the God-forsaken
  • Michael Spencer riffs on A Post Christian Confessional from The Parish
  • Emerging Grace is seriously tired of Tithing Messages (I’d add that I’m tired of the idiots who preach them, but that wouldn’t be charitable of me…or particularly Christian – note that Russell Kelly comments on Grace’s post.)
  • UPDATE: And you might find this news report, from Australia’s ABC on the Hillsong Colour conference, either entertaining or sickening. Just gotta keep those tools of Satan out of the conference, lest they report the truth. (ABC prove they have their own issues as they offer the video as Windows Media or Real Player…rather than Flash. I do love Flash video!)

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