A Missional Story: FRWY.ca & Pernell Goodyear

kinnon —  March 10, 2007 — 1 Comment

Pernell is one of the important thought-leader/practioners in the emerging/missional church conversation in Canada. This is a surprisingly good interview by the 100 Huntley folk with Pernell. (HT Mike Todd) Check out the Freeway Café. Read Pernell’s blog.

And if you are in the Greater Toronto area, join Pernell, Darryl Dash and the rest of the Resonate Southern Ontario gang for the Missional Leadership conversation with Alan Roxburgh on March 19th. (Imbi and I should be there, too.)

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One response to A Missional Story: FRWY.ca & Pernell Goodyear

  1. My mom probably wouldn’t have survived the streets of 1930’s NYC without the Salvation Army. Freeway is a community that’s blurring the distinctions between secular and spiritual – essential Kingdom creativity. Great video. Thanks for posting this.

    And Bill – thanks for the post about my blog! That was really nice of you. Yes, I’m working on getting the RSS feed fixed 🙂


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