An Interesting Week

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Well, it’s Friday and I am still blogging, even if it’s marginally.

Monday of this past week saw the arrival into Toronto of our good friend, Alan Roxburgh. Alan, Triple D (Dr. Darryl Dash) and I grabbed a mediocre bite together out by the airport and then headed in towards town for the Missional Leadership Resonate ECHO/Allelon event – held at the church where Darryl is lead pastor, Richview Baptist. As I’ve said elsewhere, it was a good evening and I look forward to you listening to the Podcast/Netcast from the event. (Note: Darryl will be live blogging the Evolving Church Conference this saturday.)

Alan and I worked on a bunch of stuff on Tuesday and then enjoyed a fabulous dinner with Imbi at Spiaggia’s in the Beach. (Great food – terrible website – lose the Flash already.)

My incredible mapping skills saw me arranging an interview in Hamilton between Alan and Pernell Goodyear on Wednesday. Alan was speaking at an Anglican event that evening outside of Guelph (or so I thought) so the Hamilton stop was on the way. The problem was that the Anglican event was actually North East of Orillia – which added a couple of hours of extra driving to our day – we did use it productively.

Our time at The Freeway was, dare I say, a Kairos moment. Alan and Pernell engaged at so many levels – and I shot a great interview that will be part of Missional Church story on The Freeway – available @ Allelon in the next couple of months. The full interview will also be an Allelon audio Netcast on Alan’s Roxburgh Journal, later this spring.

I met a young woman, Lydia, using the free WiFi at The Freeway and asked her whether she’d mind me getting a shot of her at work. She asked who it was for and when I told her Allelon, she commented on how much she loved the site and how she was about to buy a copy of the Missional Leader. I told her one of the authors was with me, and she ended up engaging Al in an extended conversation. Lydia is a Harvard sociologist finishing her Doctorate studying Evangelicals in Canada and the US. She and Al engaged in serious conversation and I look forward to the impact of their connections that took place at The Freeway.

I’ll be returning to The Freeway in two weeks time to get some more interviews with folk there, including Lydia, as well as cover the other great stuff that is going on there.

We left Hamilton before rush hour and drove up to Geneva Park for the Anglican Church of Canada – Nurturing Healthy Parishes Symposium where Al was the keynote speaker. It was a great evening of Alan giving hope to those who are in traditional churches – at a gathering of Anglican Church leaders from across Canada. I didn’t shoot the keynote as the room was not conducive to videotaping.

I left Alan in the capable hands of Linda Nichols and the Anglican folk and headed back to Toronto to finish my prep for my teaching at Wycliffe Thursday morning. By the time I got home I was too tired to think straight, and after a brief chat with Imbi and Ry – I was off to bed.

Yesterday dawned early for me and I finished my over prep for the one hour class. When I was setting up at Wycliffe, my Mac gave two ominous beeps and would not turn on – I was suddenly going to have to wing the presentation with just my notes and no Keynote (a better PowerPoint from Apple). I moved the PowerBook to another desk and began to set up the class prof’s PC laptop so that I would at least be able to call up some websites. (The course was part one of two classes I’m teaching on Social Media with that morning’s focus on blogging.) A quick glance over at the Mac during that process and I saw it had decided to return to life. The class was both a blast and a breeze – with a sense that they and I could have gone on for another hour. (I heard some of you just think, “Bill’s longwinded!” – That’s not very nice, you know.)

Yesterday was not without its scares however. One of our kids had something flare up that caused our Doctor to get an instant appointment with a cancer specialist. I feigned nonchalance to my child while doing the typical Kinnon panic thing inside. I waited around the house whilst Imbi took said child to the specialist…and waited…and waited. About 3 hours later I heard a hearty knock at the door – and opened it to my child – who is alive and well and in pain from something that can be easily (but rather painfully) taken care of. Panic mode off.

This morning I am up and preparing to drive out to Oakville to meet up with David Fitch. I’m shooting an interview with David on his wonderful book, The Great Giveaway, on his church, Life on the Vine and on bi-vocational leadership in a missional church world. This will be another Allelon video up @ the site later this year. David is in town as part of the Evolving Church conference being held at The Meeting House in Oakville. (A great conference with an awful Flash based website.)

A busy, productive, life-filled and mostly fun week so far.

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  1. It was interesting to read!

    I can only imagine how interesting it was to live.

    Keep creating…I am sure you will,


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