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There are some days that I would just love to be able to have as “Do-Overs.” Yesterday was one. (There are some longer lengths of time – say April of 2004 to April of 2005, that I’d like to have as a do-over, but I digress.)

Yesterday, I engaged in two blog conversations that were profoundly unproductive (at least for me). On one, a blogger who I hold in high-esteem, responded to a comment of mine by saying that a five year old could understand the particular concept under discussion. (I had suggested that many people struggled with the concept.) I took offense, wrote him off-line expressing that offense and stating that I wouldn’t bother returning. (Did I mention that yesterday wasn’t a high point of maturity for me.) I received a quick response with profound apologies (I am smarter than a five year old in his estimation – the question of whether I’m smarter than a Fifth Grader never came up) and he removed his response to my comment from his post.

The other conversation appeared to have more in common with the Clintonian “it depends on what your definition of “is” is” than it did with sane discourse. And my determination to continue to attempt discourse in that situation has caused me to question my own sanity. (Note to Bill – if people choose to discredit the opinions of experts in a particular field, why do you think they’d listen to you?)

But it wasn’t just the blog conversations. I also found that I was ineffective in communicating period. What I was trying to say and what I was saying whether verbally or in writing seemed to have a cognitive disconnect. Even my body seemed disconnected. (I tripped going up stairs, I knocked popcorn over in a posh environment, I kept typing “I” for “a”, I spent an hour looking for my glasses when they were right under my nose…oh right, that part is normal.)

So I’m just wondering, can I have yesterday as a do-over…actually if it could begin around Sunday at 5, that would be great. (That was when I became aware of how completely awkward I’d become.) Anyone know how to make it happen. ‘Twould be greatly appreciated.

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5 responses to Do-Overs

  1. Hi Bill – I can relate to the kind of day your described.

    This is why communication is messy. I might be having a day of clarity, you might be having a day of fogginess.

    And maybe this is why we ought to be gracious toward one another. I would hate to be known for my thoughts, opinions and reactions for one given day only.

    I rely upon the patience of others. Especially since I don’t know how to get a ‘do-over”.

    Thanks for sharing your very human day with the rest of us humans.

    Keep creating,

  2. Mike,
    You are one of my favorite encouragers (note I used the US spelling of favourite – just for your benefit) and I appreciate your comments on this blog.

    But I’d really like to know how to get that do-over. 😉

  3. If you and I ever figured out how to get the “do-over” in a bottle, we’d be rich!

    When it comes to encouragement, I think it is one of those “one-another” things!

    Keep creating…you’re made for it,

  4. I think there is an incantation of tapping your heels together three times whilst chanting “There’s no place like home” that works for do-overs. No guarantees though. I have wished the odd do-over to no avail. For me the inability to take my own medicine is a result of the awkwardness I would feel wearing ruby slippers.

    Thanks for your humanity and humility

    I am wishing I was home now.

    from Dallas, a sales rep selling Business Intelligence and missing the fam.


  5. Bill,

    I’m very sorry that was the feeling you were left with after our conversation. It seemed like there were so many misunderstandings that I’m not surprised you felt that way, but I’m still very sorry that was the case.

    I’m not sure if you have read anything on my blog in the past, or how you found my blog, but I do hope that you won’t feel like you weren’t contributing to the discussion.

    If you wouldn’t mind at some point, though, I would appreciate an explanation of what exactly you felt was “Clintonian” about it. You used that term in your final comment to me on Dan’s blog, too, which is how I knew that this particular post was referring to me. But I am completely clueless what in my post or conversation led you to that less-than-complimentary view of the conversation.

    If you would like to answer that privately, you may email me at steve (at) theologicalmusingsblog

    God bless you, Bill.


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