Growing Tired of the Blogosphere

kinnon —  March 20, 2007 — 3 Comments

I’ve muttered on at length about the Generous Web in posts past. Of late, I’m reading less that qualifies as generous…and also seem to be writing less than what seems to be generous. (If you want to read the icon for the Generous Web, read Kathy Sierra. Or read the non-blogger but very generous, Roy Williams.)

Many of us have become more adept at making pronouncements about others – where they are right and where they are wrong – and not particularly great when it comes to being generous.

On Thursday, I will teach a Masters level class about social media – with a primary focus this week (I’m doing it over two weeks) on blogging. My problem is that I’m not feeling all that pro-blogging at this point in time. (Hopefully it will pass.) I’m reevaluating my own blog and my contributions to the Generous Web and wondering how I’m going to get this blog back on track.

I believe that blogging has more than proven its ability to effect change. What it has also proven is it is a “great” place for folk to take out their frustrations on the rest of the world. I need to read fewer of those folk…and write fewer of those posts.

In the true sense of the phrase, God Help Me!

UPDATE: Let me point to one of the more generous folk in the missional conversation, Jamie Arpin-Ricci, as one who I would do well to emulate. Jamie’s new series, Pattern of Missionality, is worth reading. (And if you aren’t already, read the Tuesday’s with Harry series at Jamie’s blog. Today’s brought tears to my eyes.) I find it rather interesting that some of my favourite bloggers are Winnipeg based, or spent significant time there.

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A television editor, writer & director since 1978. A Christian since 1982. More than a little frustrated with the Church in the West since late in the last millennium.

3 responses to Growing Tired of the Blogosphere

  1. Thanks Bill, I appreciate the encouragement. I would love to connect some time. Bro Maynard has been kicking some ideas around with you (or so I hear), so let me know.


  2. The problem isn’t the blogosphere, but bloggers, or rather, human beings who happen to be bloggers.
    Bill, what you are dealing with is the reality that it is far easier to criticize than to be generous. I’m not talking about you, because you have been more than generous in your blogging. The fact that on occasion you have pointed to deficiencies in how the church functions as the church only means that you are not some pollyanna who is afraid of offending someone.
    This morning, sitting in one of favorite coffee shops, I had a long talk with a young woman named Sara who asked me at one point what integrity meant. I had to come up with an answer. I said it is being true to oneself in maintaining standards that may be higher than others. Now that I think of it, being true and generous may be a good definition of integrity.
    So, what do you do, and we all do? If we were to focus on those things that we want to affirm, then we can find it easier to be generous and critical. It is as I tell my clients. A negative, critical or cynical remark is really telling you what that person loves and believes in.
    I think this has been more than true for you here at achievable ends. You are a generous spirit, and God may just be nudging you to “kick it up a notch.”

  3. A great post. (darn it.) The tricky thing is, articulating a strong opinion is a plus in blogging – it generates conversation. But now I’m so convicted by Ed’s comment: why can’t we be more generous? I’ve had at least a couple posts where I went more with strong opinion and less with generosity, and looking back, they are the ones I’m least comfortable with. I guess we learn and try to improve. Thanks for provoking the self-evaluation. (she said, only a little sarcastically.)


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