Miscellaneous Meanderings for a Tuesday Afternoon & Evening

kinnon —  March 13, 2007 — 2 Comments

My blogging buddy, the indefatigable Brother Maynard is doing a series on Friendship and Marketing the Church. It’s worth the time to read. (You might also want to check out my series which began in December on Marketing the Church here, here, here, here, here and here. You also might find my Family Marketing Sucks™ post humorous.)

The also indefatigable Internet Monk, Michael Spencer has decided he hasn’t opened enough cans of worms lately and so he’s written, Fear of Women and Their Cute, Pink Books.

Dan Edelen (who is working at becoming indefatigable) takes a look at the impact of Christian conferences…or rather…the lack there of – The ChristCon Con.

John Frye recommends N.T.Wright’s Simply Christian. If John recommends it, you should read it. (It’s one of the books I need to finish…if I could only find it.)

JR Woodward tells the powerful story of the Mustard Seed Foundation – a must read.

Bob Hyatt points to another Emerging Church Expert – which further proves the point that even idiots can use YouTube.

I pointed to it in the Updates to my Global Warming Heresy post, but Tim Challies has written an interesting post comparing Johann Tetzel and Al Gore on the selling of carbon offsets and papal indulgences.

And just because you need to smile, Brant Hansen has popped up briefly from his blog hiatus with this – making it all better. (Now I’m singing about “just like a mini-mall”, yikes!)

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2 responses to Miscellaneous Meanderings for a Tuesday Afternoon & Evening

  1. Wouldn’t you say your indefatigable use of indefatigable is getting rather… indefatigable?

    …I just wanted to use it as well.

    If humour could kill… I wouldn’t be a murderer.

  2. Bill,

    Thanks for the link to my post on conferences over at Cerulean Sanctum. That entire post burned so hard in my I knew the Lord was trying to speak to us. I pray it blesses your readers.



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