Prayer Palace Saga continues…

kinnon —  March 13, 2007 — 3 Comments

The Toronto Star reports this morning that the Prayer Palace has hired both a forensic accounting firm and a crisis management PR firm to deal with the TorStar allegations from a week ago. Unfortunately, the Melnichuk family are still unavailable for comment – but

…reporters involved in the story have been inundated with phone calls from angry Prayer Palace members.

“You have touched God’s anointed! Be careful! Be careful that you don’t drop dead one of these days,” shouted one caller who identified himself as Roger.

Other callers said that to ignore their warnings would be to invite tragedy into reporters’ lives, including leprosy and possible physical harm.

One caller issued a death threat; another called a reporter a “Mormon … a racist.”

Perhaps this sunday PP pastors will preach that Christians are to bless people who curse you…or not.

The PP has also brought their lawyer into the fray:

Last week Marek Tufman, a lawyer for the Prayer Palace, threatened to bring an injunction against the Star unless the newspaper agreed to stop publishing stories regarding the Prayer Palace. The Star responded, saying such agreements run contrary to the paper’s policy.

In response, Tufman told Star lawyers: “Your clients have been warned. We trust that they will understand the wisdom of conducting themselves properly.”

Lawyers, accountants, PR firms, cult church members have joined the merry chorus – but the Melnichuks themselves stay silent. How very interesting.

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3 responses to Prayer Palace Saga continues…

  1. “You have touched God’s anointed!”

    Now where have I heard that before? Ah, yes. I have touched God’s anointed in the past.

    I won’t say it didn’t feel good, because it kind of did.

  2. Black people will always be exploited because they never learn from their misery. Why is it blacks are always supporting other communities economically and do not see that their communities are falling apart? I am convinced most black people would not be so generous in their given if it had been a black pastor at the helm of Prayer Palace. Why don’t they see that most of these white pastors are using them to get rich. Let us stand up as black people and support the black churches in our community. It’s better for our own to rob us than having other nationality stealing our hard earned cash. We have being exploited many years ago when the white men came to African and use religion as a mean to rob us of our wealth and today we can see the result of their manipulation in African, where millions of our people are dying each day.I think what happened at Prayer Palace is the norm of what is happening in most church.

  3. Mark,
    I believe it is a mistake to view this issue as ethnocentric. The evil in men’s hearts is not limited to those of us with pasty white complexions – you might consider looking at African History to see how it mirrors the rest of the world in man’s inhumanity to man. (Look at modern Zimbabwe as just one example or Darfur, as another.)

    Further, I can point you to hundred’s of black preachers who are preaching the exact same message as the Melnichuks – and living a life not dissimilar to theirs. Skin pigmentation is no more an indicator than is blood type to how people will attempt to rip off other people.

    Fortunately, there are thousands of preachers of all hues preaching a life of self-sacrifice and concern for the marginalized. Their witness stands against the lifestyles of these “prosperity preachers.”


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