Richard Florida on Managing for Creativity

kinnon —  March 25, 2007 — Leave a comment
  • Use intrinsic rewards to motivate people. Figure out what people crave. Whether it’s challenge, excitement, working with great people on great projects, make sure they get it in their jobs and work.
  • Treat everyone as an individual on their own terms. Make sure their job and tasks fit their interest and strengths. Junk the whole policy non-sense. Recognize that everyone is different, works differently and needs different things to succeed.
  • Create great infrastructure and environment which helps people and takes care of their basic needs and doesn’t get in the way. Get rid of red tape. Make sure people don’t have to spend their time doing non-creative, non-productive things. Make sure their mind and full talents are on the job.
  • Use performance-based system with clear metrics to hold people accountable. Identify people who make other people more successful and effective. Reward high-performers and stars, not seniority. Coach and mentor average and low performers to make them better. Work on better job fit.
  • Show squelchers, “a**holes, ” and slackers the door. (emphasis added)


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