Another Allelon Netcast in the Can

kinnon —  April 30, 2007 — 2 Comments

Anjr-1So to speak. (The expression goes back to the days of film reels that came in cans.)

I’ve just finished production on the next Allelon Netcast Roxburgh JournalEpisode Four. Al Roxburgh interviewing missional practitioner, Pernell Goodyear of Hamilton’s The Freeway. The Netcast should be up on the Allelon site in the next 24 hours and available via iTunes shortly thereafter. It’s a good conversation between Al and Pernell. Enjoy.



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2 responses to Another Allelon Netcast in the Can

  1. I can hardly wait! Let us know when it goes live.

  2. Thanks Bill for letting us know about this. Looking forward to checking it out.


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