Meanderings on a Friday

kinnon —  April 13, 2007 — 4 Comments

I’m attempting to write a substantive post based on the reactions to The People formerly known as The Congregation. I’m rather gobsmacked by the response to my post, and those of Emerging Grace, Jamie Arpin-Ricci and John Frye. There is much discussion both positive and negative, some ad hominem attacks and much apparent pain. I’m both saddened and encouraged.

That being said, here are some of the things I’m tracking:

  • John Smulo, gifted blogger and missional pastor, finds himself in a rather tough place financially. Please read Rick Meigs blog post on how we can help.
  • Brother Maynard notices that it’s Friday the 13th.
  • The BHT has a lot of conversation on the Imus affair and race relations. Check out the Dick Morris link @ the BHT. Also check out their new masthead. I’m rather fond of it.
  • Read Grace’s post, Already Missional? Subscribe to Grace in Google Reader. You will be glad you did.
  • My iPastor on A Response to Roger – Questions from Michael’s review of Dr. John MacArthur’s “The Truth War.”
  • I’m working on the next in the Allelon Netcast Roxburgh Journal series. This one is a little different – Al Roxburgh being interviewed by Darryl Dash on Missional Leadership. It will be up next week. I’d recommend you subscribe via iTunes. The first two podcasts with Mike Goheen and Steve Taylor are very much worth a listen. May 1st will feature Al interviewing Pernell Goodyear. I’d also encourage your comments on Al’s Journal posts and netcast.



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4 responses to Meanderings on a Friday

  1. Bill,

    Thank you for mentioning Rick’s post, and for your support!

  2. Bill,

    “Gobsmacked”? What a great word! Is it Canadian 🙂

  3. ‘Tis British, my old chum. It does mean to be “utterly astounded.” Quite right.

    We Canadians still have a Queen as you Yanks may or may not know. Thus we occasionally attempt to speak the Queen’s English. Cheerio.

  4. Thanks for the link Bill. You are responsible for the traffic at my blog lately.


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