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We drove to Ottawa yesterday. Two cars filled with four-fifths of the Kinnons. (Technically accurate, though Dani the dog was with us as well.) Gassing up, Rylan discovered he’ d left his wallet behind. He and Kai went back for it. We pressed on – though just driving the speed limit made us feel like the world was passing us by, as we waited for the kids to catch up. When they were only a couple of kms behind us (the joys of mobiles and text messaging) we saw this smoke in the distance – and thought it must be a tire fire on a farm or something.


It turned out to be a truck fire. A truck had had a tire go flat, and then catch on fire – throwing off burning bits of tire on the side of the road – before the driver pulled over – jumped out – as the truck burst into flame. (There were multiple grass fires we saw as we finally drove past.) The police stopped us right before the fire. (The shots above were taken by me with my Sony Ericsson whilst I drove up to the blaze – Imbi was NOT impressed.) I jumped out with the HDV camera and shot some footage of the truck but won’t be able to put that up ’til I’m back in Toronto late Monday night. I don’t have my Firewire cable with me, nor enough room on the laptop to bring the footage in.

After waiting approval to press on from the police, we got to Ottawa in plenty of time for Liam’s grad from Augustine College. We are very proud of our son who graduated from this one year program (with three semesters worth of University credits), Cum Laude. Liam was also valedictorian. Here’s shot of Liam with his group.

Liam, Dave Mc, Dave Basset, Ruth & Kevin

We had a great afternoon and evening with the folk at Augustine and then headed off to Montreal. Kaili is visiting a good friend in a Montreal suburb (thank goodness for GPS) and Imbi and I are in town to do an interview (shortly) with Andrew Jones, the Tall Skinny Kiwi. We got a great deal at a downtown hotel and spent the morning wandering around this beautiful city. (I have roots in this city, as my father was born and raised in Montreal.)

This fair city is the perfect example of the post-Christian west. Beautiful, almost empty churches on the street corners on a Sunday while construction workers and building maintenance people work away – no day of rest in the city of Mount Royal. This shot seemed appropriate.

Window cleaners hard at work on the KPMG Tower at 11:30am on Sunday morning.
The Anglican Cathedral in the foreground.

All shots in this post were taken with my Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman Cameraphone.



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  1. Those pics have sold me on that phone, Bill….


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