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Greg Laughery has continued writing the Exodus Church series at Living Spiritually (His Part 2 is Part 5 in the TPFKATC series.) Read Part 3 here.

Robbymac reviews Greg’s book – of the same name as Greg’s blog, Living Spiritually.

(He) builds this short-but-packed book around two thesis phrases: increased ambiguity and spiritual impoverishment. Right away, you realize that reading a book by any author out of L’Abri is going to be philosophical and challenging, and Greg is no exception. Here’s an early quote on increasing ambiguity:

“One of the major, if not-so-obvious ways (Christians) contribute is through our tendency to succumb to false, but powerful absolutizing forces that may approach us or even reside in us. Some, for example, assume that Christian spirituality is absolutely anchored in reason, seeing, feeling, or experience. This type of absolutizing may seem to counter ambiguity, but it actually increases it by attempting to encapsulate spirituality in a one-dimensional manner and to do away with a necessary dialogical tension.” (page 8)

Read the entire review at Robby’s blog. And, like me, order the book.



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