TED Site Relaunches / Allelon Updates

kinnon —  April 17, 2007 — 1 Comment

TED began as the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference back in the mid-eighties. Today, it is a lot more than that. Some of the brightest minds gathering to talk about every aspect of our existence.

The TED site has been completely redesigned with easier access to some of the great TED talks (and some of the lessor ones as well).

Writer and blogger, Bruno Giussani notes that there is a trend happening here…a trend worth watching (forgive the pun),

….there is a new trend: exclusive, often expensive, high-level conferences that give away world-class speeches for free as online videos. Not just live videostreams and archives — that has been the case for a while now at many conferences — but edited and curated versions that can be watched online or downloaded into a laptop or an iPod or a cell phone and subscribed to via RSS.

Bruno points to the LIFT conference and Pop!Tech as well. There’s good material there, as well.

Allelon Update:
And might I also note that there’s also good video and audio materials on the Allelon site, which we’ve just updated with a new missional conversation video with Ryan Bolger, another Allelon Netcast Roxburgh Journal and the audio from the Resonate ECHO/Allelon Missional Leadership Conversation in Toronto with Al Roxburgh.



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  1. Ah, but when will we be able to download those Netcast videos to our computers and iPods to watch offline???

    But hey, who’s complaining…they are great. I’m posting a link to the most recent video on my blog tomorrow.


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