The People formerly known as…, Part V

kinnon —  April 14, 2007 — 1 Comment

Greg Laughery has written The Exodus Church – Part 2, written in response to John, Jamie, Grace and me. It is what I would see as Part V in this ongoing “conversation”. (John Frye linked to the post this morning.) Greg writes,

Their four posts seem to form a nucleus around the themes of lament, of disappointment, of betrayal, of pain, of renewal, of hope and redemption. Exodus continues. The journey of wilderness wandering, in the company of God, will lead toward new beginnings, and one fine day we will all arrive in the Promised Land. In the meantime, this time in-between times ….

A Plea from the Battle Torn and Worn who are longing for New Beginnings

Conflicts are brewing at an alarming pace between Christians who are emerging and those who are not. Fine – let’s get at what we have in common and where we disagree. But please, for the sake of Christ Jesus, let’s do this with grace, love, humility, and a flair for holiness, as we live before the watching world. There has been too much, and it must be said with tears, spiteful innuendo, anger, disrespect and injustice in the past. Let’s not repeat that in the present. These battles get ugly and there is no winner. The numbers of wounded merely increase and the love of Christ pales into obscurity. We are torn and worn by the wars. Release us, oh Lord, and give us a new beginning.

Please read the entire post, and join in the conversation there. Please also read Greg’s, The Exodus Church (part one). I’ve subscribed to Greg’s blog in Google Reader.

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One response to The People formerly known as…, Part V

  1. Bill, may the, ” A Plea from the Battle Torn and Worn who are longing for New Beginnings “. Be our prayer as we journey towards the Kingdom. Peace…Ron+


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