TPFKATC – Ongoing Conversation

kinnon —  April 3, 2007 — 2 Comments

The conversation around The People Formerly Known as The Congregation continues. (Technorati traffic here. Google Blog Search traffic here.)

Darryl Dash riffs on my light hearted (but pointed) April 1 post – which I see as a continuation of this conversation. My friend, Brother Maynard, has suggested offline that perhaps we create a Cluetrain Manifesto type response (which itself uses the Lutherian metaphor of the 95 Theses). Ed Brenegar asks what’s next – and responds here.

I think there’s a lot more conversation here and I’m wondering how we engage in it. I look forward to your responses.

UPDATE: The post is also up in the Articles section on the Allelon website. It would be great to engage in the conversation there…if you don’t mind signing up as an Allelon member. Membership does have its privileges :-}

UPDATE 2: In the post above, I point to what I see as Part Two of TPFKATC, from Emerging Grace. Please go to her blog and read it. Thanks.



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2 responses to TPFKATC – Ongoing Conversation

  1. The conversation is important. Setting some parameters also. Maybe a place to start is with the questions that we have.

  2. Bill,

    I am so glad that you re-mentioned your TPFKATC post! I read it and some of the comments and spin-outd from it, like THE PEOPLE FORMERLY KNOWN AS PASTORS. 🙂 If you don’t mind, I am going to post it over at JESUS THE RADICAL PASTOR.

    How’s Toronto? We still want to visit.


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