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kinnon —  April 23, 2007 — Leave a comment

We had a delightful two hours with the Tall Skinny Kiwi, yesterday. And are very thankful for the hospitality of the Brazzeal family who allowed Imbi and I with our camera gear to invade their home.

Part of our time with Andrew was recording one side of his conversation with Alan Roxburgh – Al recorded the other end from his study in Vancouver. This will form the basis for an Allelon Netcast Roxburgh Journal in mid-May. (You can subscribe to the Roxburgh Journal in iTunes.) We also recorded a thirty minute interview with Andrew that will be used in a number of different Allelon videos.

Sunday evening Imbi, Kaili and I joined about forty other folk for an Emerge event in the Undercroft of Christ Church Cathedral (a shot of which appears in the previous post) as Andrew spoke and answered questions. David Brazzeal m/c’d the evening with Nick Brotherwood and the folk of Emerge Montreal hosting. A fitting end to a good weekend.

And now the three of us are enjoying a beautiful Spring morning and early afternoon in Montreal before heading back to Toronto.



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