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kinnon —  May 5, 2007 — 1 Comment

Here are two videos that I’ve just uploaded to YouTube to the new AllelonVideo YouTube channel – both focussing on the Allelon Summer Institute @ Fuller from June 11-13. The first video features Mark Priddy (Allelon President) & Fuller Profs, Scott Cormode and Rick Beaton. The 2nd is a discussion between Ryan Bolger and Al Roxburgh about the Summer Institute.

This promises to be a great event for pastors and ministry practitioners. Imbi and I are both going to be there.

It would be great if other bloggers involved in the missional conversation would embed these videos in their blogs. (Thanks in advance.)

(To create the small sized YouTube videos, I changed the widths and sizes from 425 width to 213 and from 350 height to 175. Width and height appear twice in each html description of a video. Learned from Beth Kanter.)

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