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I took a VirginTrain to Birmingham on Sunday and met Martin Robinson at New Street Station in downtown Birmingham. Alan Roxburgh arrived about an hour later (after having flown from Detroit to Toronto, then Toronto to Heathrow, taken a train to Euston Station, a bus to another station and then, finally a VirginTrain to Birmingham). We spent the rest of the day together and then Alan and I prepared for our Liverpool trip, the next day.

Monday morning, we crammed ourselves into a little rental Ford Fiesta and headed up the M6 for Liverpool. We were off to meet with Frontline Church in Wavertree. Getting there late in the morning, we setup and I shot five interviews with Alan and various members of the FC team. This is a church that has experienced significant growth in one of the more depressed areas of England. They probably wouldn’t use the missional language, but their focus is on the community, rather than on using an attractional model to get people into the church. I look forward to having the video up from Liverpool this summer.

It’s now Tuesday morning. In less than an hour, Alan and I cram ourselves once again into our Fiesta and head off towards the East Coast of England. We spend the day in Lincolnshire meeting with a church planting movement there. I’ll provide further details on our return.

Wednesday morning, I’ll shoot an extended interview with Alan and Martin Robinson (we are based in Birmingham for this part of the trip), do a standup with Martin outside of Lesslie Newbiggin’s home (Martin knew Newbiggin) and then head down to London. Alan is speaking at a TiM gathering at Lambeth Palace on Thursday and we will be based in London for the rest of our stay. (We hope to catch up with Jonny Baker and Andrew Jones whilst in London, as well.)

I’ll blog when I have a chance.



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