Gideon Strauss’ Blog is Back Up

kinnon —  May 12, 2007 — 1 Comment

Gideon&Bill1Gideon is one of those thinkers I only wish I could be. His blog was down for much too long – but is back up. (His old RSS feed doesn’t track with the new blog and I managed to miss the relaunch – in spite of receiving an email to that effect.)

Gideon is a university lecturer, one of the thinkers @ the Work Research Foundation and the Editor of Comment. He’s always worth reading.

Note: Comment is now produced in Partnership with the De Pree Leadership Center, New York’s Redeemer Pres (where Tim Keller pastors) and The Washington Institute.

The picture is of Gideon and me at the Chaplins’ going away party last summer. Gideon is the young guy!



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  1. Thanks for the note, Bill! I suppose I have to pay attention to RSS feeds again …


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