Glorious Day on the Lake

kinnon —  May 11, 2007 — 2 Comments

As with any move, there are always hiccups. Ours occurred last night around 8:30 as the light in the western sky faded away. Our little 9.9hp motor decided it would only allow trolling speed on the way back to the island with Imbi, Liam and Rylan. A trip that would normally take fifteen minutes took an hour. I was on the island, waiting. Thank goodness for cell phones.

Today was a beautiful day and we were busy getting the marine railroad into the lake, sorting out our water system (which will continue tomorrow), cottage cleaning and watching in amazement as our new internet service was installed. Even though I type this in Toronto, as Imbi and I are back for a Kaili school event, we now have broadband access at the lake for the first time. And it’s even faster than what we’ve been dealing with in the city.

We continue moving stuff into storage tomorrow morning and then head back up to the Lake. With a fresh hairdryer in hand. The old one finally died and it is impossible to deal with the cottage PVC piping without one. Thus water flowing from taps is about twenty hours away. The boys will just have to rough it tonight. (Pales of water to make the plumbing work, as it were.)

And now I must get ready for Kaili’s event.

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2 responses to Glorious Day on the Lake

  1. It is kind of sad that we have high speed internet but no running water. Kind of gross.

  2. Hot and cold running pixels on your screen vs hot and cold running water. Hmmmm.

    You could just jump in the Lake, of course. 🙂


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