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The flight that was to arrive at 8:40 last night, finally disgorged us into the Toronto atmosphere at 10pm. Problems with Air Traffic Control over the Atlantic (how comforting) had delayed our talk-off. It gave me more time to experience the presence of a six foot six giant of a man sitting beside me. He had the middle seat. I got to experience the air in the aisle as I leaned away from him. I’m always puzzled how an airline is incapable of seating people based on their height. Why didn’t this fellow automatically get the exit row? Instead, it was occupied by below average in height folk. Go figure.

The No-Jet-lag pills seemed to have worked. I’m tired but not yet ready for bed. This time tomorrow I’ll be 90 minutes into my five hour flight to Vancouver. Hopefully, the No-Jet-lag pills will continue to work.

I’ll write about the people we met in England when I have a chance. Right now, I’m getting two videos and the next Roxburgh Journal audio netcast ready for June 1 on the Allelon site. One video is Al Roxburgh’s conversation with Eddie Gibbs on What is Missional Church? The other video is John Franke talking about Missional Church. We’ve been allowed to repackage a Biblical Seminary video – which we much appreciate. The Roxburgh Journal features Al in conversation with Andrew Jones aka Tally Skinny Kiwi. As I mentioned elsewhere, the June 15th Allelon Netcast Roxburgh Journal will be Al’s conversation with TSK friend, Jonny Baker.



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  1. Bill,
    When do you get to kick back and regroup? You seem to be very busy–on the go. “Come away and rest a while.”

  2. John,
    I think I stored up rest in the many months that I was without work. Being very busy has been good for my soul. But I do hear your pastor’s heart and will take your advice. Thanks for caring. I may even take a few hours off today…and fix things @ the cottage.


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