JR’s Part Two of Heinz 57 Spirituality is Up

kinnon —  May 6, 2007 — 7 Comments

Read it here. I love this quote from Eddie Gibbs. From his book, Leadership Next (page 66)

“The Church needs navigators tuned to the voice of God, not map-readers. Navigational skills have to be learned on the high seas and in the midst of varying conditions produced by the wind, waves, currents, fogbanks, darkness, storm clouds and perilous rocks.”

(Sometime I’ll tell you the story of Al Roxburgh’s and my 75 minute search for Eddie’s office on the Fuller campus, only to discover it two floors above where Al had been teaching all week. The fruit of that search is here – with more of Eddie coming June 1.)



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7 responses to JR’s Part Two of Heinz 57 Spirituality is Up

  1. Bill,
    I especially like the navigational skills part of this quote from Eddie. But it seems that seafarers also have maps and aren’t reduced to merely following a voice. It’s not, I think, that we don’t need navigators, but that we also need map-readers. And why should one cancel out the other? Aren’t both-and’s better than either-or’s here? Good navigators will be good map-readers and vice-versa. Navigators may learn their skills hands-on, but having a map as we have shouldn’t necessarily cancel out adventure and risk as we seek to arrive at the destination it points to.

  2. Greg,
    Not having yet read the book, I took the Gibbs metaphor to mean map-readers are those who keep their heads stuck in the map – navigators still use the map, but are tuned in to the One who created the map, searching for and tuning into His voice in all conditions of the adventure.

    I also thought it was funny in light of the fact that Alan and I had “a map” to get us to Eddie’s office. Until we finally stopped and asked a Fuller staff person where it was, the map wasn’t taking us anywhere.

  3. Bill,
    Thanks for the links to JR’s Heinz 57 spirituality. Looking forward to Part Three. You and he may be interested in my recent post, The Exodus Church – Part Four, and a more recent, Reading Culture.

  4. Bill,
    So true. Sometimes having heads only stuck in the map will become narrow – an end in and of itself. This may, in turn, detrimentally muffle the voice of the One who created the map, but without a map that our heads are least somewhat stuck in, the cacaphony of voices is more difficult to discern. I guess it was the sense of the quote, the church needs this not that, which seemed to me to be unfortunately polarized and therefore somewhat modernist in its formualtion.

    I like the example of you and Alan needing directions, even with a map. To be sure, a present voice can sometimes help us get to where we’re going, but other times a map does the job quite nicely.

  5. Actually, I’ve become quite addicted to a Garmin GPS unit – maps and a voice. (My wife calls it the first useful “gadget” we’ve purchased in years.)

  6. Nice. Very nice. I like that. It holds the two together in a symbiotic kind of way, while recognizing the place for both – map and a voice. Not polarization, but relation and distinction. Seems the better formulation.

  7. Bill,

    I’m glad you are enjoying the series and thanks for letting others know about it. I appreciate it. Part three should be coming tomorrow.


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