Moving Blues

kinnon —  May 9, 2007 — 3 Comments

We are in the process of moving and this time next week I’m on a flight to England for ten days. In between we need to set up our summer place as our main base of operations. (The first time we haven’t had a Toronto residence while we’ve been up north.) If trees don’t interfere, on Friday we will have high-speed on our island getaway. Busy times. Light blogging.



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3 responses to Moving Blues

  1. Bill,
    Happy moving. I see you’re soon on the way to England. Any chance you’ll be on the continent, or of getting you over into Switzerland? We can offer among a vast array of possibilities, good conversation, fine wines, and rooms with an Alpine view, all with a touch of our very own Swiss hospitality.

    Drop me an e-mail if there’s a chance we could meet up here. BTW thanks for the info on your European years.

  2. Bill,
    Have a great 10 days across the pond.
    Let us know when you get moved in.
    You are prayed for!

  3. Hi Canadad,

    When will you be in England? Will you be in London? If so, we should have coffee! Miss you. Lots of love to you and family,



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