Packing, Moving, Working, Flying

kinnon —  May 15, 2007 — 2 Comments

We move out today and have the last few things to pack up and move out. I’m also doing some shooting with my son, Rylan, at the Refresh conference @ Wycliffe. Alister McGrath was very good yesterday. I’ll let you know when those videos will be available.

I fly to London tomorrow night. This blog will return on Thursday from the beauty of Surrey.



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2 responses to Packing, Moving, Working, Flying

  1. Bill,

    Don’t know if you got my last comment and not sure how to get in touch with you…might have your old email address… but I live in Surrey and would love to catch up if you have a spare hour for coffee.

    Love to you and family,

  2. Bill,
    Greetings again from Grand Rapids, MI. I hope your trip to Surrey is a wee respite from the flurry of moving, shooting video, etc. We leave for Nashville, TN, for a massive family reunion, Julie’s mom’s b’day, and a wedding. Yikes! We’ll keep in touch. God bless!


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