Reaching a New Generation

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Alan Roxburgh is one of the principal voices of Allelon, a noted author on missional leadership and a friend of ours since the mid-eighties. I had the pleasure of serving with Alan in the late eighties and early nineties, when he was team leader of a thirteen person church leadership of elders and church planters. (I was an elder.)

RoxburghreachingAlan wrote a book about that neighbourhood in the early nineties – focussed primarily on a popular New Age Mall that began as a health food store called The Big Carrot on Toronto’s The Danforth. The book was called "Reaching A New Generation" (now published by Regent Publishing) and has had significant impact on the folk who read it. Steve Taylor commented in 2005 (before Al’s two latest books):

I first read this book in 1995. A decade later, I still return to it and consider it the best book Al Roxburgh has written. It is short. It emerges from practical experience. It does a wonderful job of reading the Biblical narrative in light of contemporary concerns.

Reachingrevisted002Last summer, Al & Jane Roxburgh and Imbi & I hung out for a good part of a day on The Danforth (including a great lunch at Allen’s). This part of the street is known as Greektown, and played a featured role in the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. (A movie written by and starring a Greek-Canadian actress who grew up in Winnipeg, wrote the story in LA, set it in Chicago and shot in Toronto.)

Reachingrevisted003Alan and I took the opportunity to revisit Reaching by shooting a video about the book and its story of the Carrot Common – the aforementioned New Age mall. The video is called Reaching Revisited – A Tale of Three Churches and a New Age Mall. The six and a half minute video tells the story of a growing community of like-minded people who congregate at the Carrot Common, while the three churches that serve that neighbourhood seem to be fading into irrelevance.

I look forward to your comments.

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