The 24 Hours of Pastoral Apologies

kinnon —  May 19, 2007 — 5 Comments

Perhaps it’s just the UK. Or maybe I’ve managed to breach the space-time continuum through some unseen portal here in Surrey. But. In the last 24 hours I’ve received not one, but two separate apologies from two separate pastors of churches I once attended. How weird is that?!!

Gee, do you think I might expect at least ONE more? I won’t hold my breath. (Blue is not my best colour.)

All feeble attempts at humour aside, this is very weird for me. Completely unforeseen. And, I confess, I’m not sure how to respond. Graciousness is not my strong suit of late. (I may need to spend time with the most gracious person I know, Triple D, when I get back to Perhaps he can give me a few lessons.)

And I’m not prepared to just say “oh, that’s okay.” It’s not. And that response will neither help them or me (and my family.)

I am encouraged, however.

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A television editor, writer & director since 1978. A Christian since 1982. More than a little frustrated with the Church in the West since late in the last millennium.

5 responses to The 24 Hours of Pastoral Apologies

  1. It’s okay or not depending on what the apologies is for. Currently, it seems that people apologize for other people being hurt. “I’m sorry you are hurt or mad.” Not, “I’m sorry I hurt you.” So, what are they apologizing for?

  2. As the pastor of another church you once attended, I would love to apologize to you – but as I was not there when you attended, it might get weird. Yeah.

    Didn’t get the blue thing, but no matter. Be encouraged; you may not think yourself gracious – your mea culpa, not mine – but you are loved and valued. Of all the curmudgeons in all the world, you’re a pretty decent sod. And you’ve got a great wife.

    Have a great day in whatever country you’re presently in.


  3. Ed, Too true. I’ll respond to your question off-line.
    Dan, Too funny. Note the blue line comes after “I won’t hold my breath.” I would turn blue if I did. If it has to be explained, it wasn’t funny. Oh well.
    Grace was a two year stop off point as we began recovering from charismania. There are no apologies owed from that quarter at all.

  4. Good to hear that you can be encouraged in spite of not being able to just say “oh, that’s okay.” Sometimes Christians do a good job at gutting each other and then expect that an apology is all that’s necessary to make it okay – and then, in some cases, it happens again. Short circuited notions of sanctification fail to transform and do heavy damage.

    I got the “blue” thing and found it funny. Ah, hermeneutics is everywhere.

  5. Thanks, Greg. Dan is a gifted pastor, a lawyer by training and one of the smartest guys I know. I rarely get anything past him.


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