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kinnon —  May 8, 2007 — 2 Comments

John La Grou and Len Hjalmarson are putting an e-book project together and are inviting idea submissions. (I’m looking forward to submitting a chapter.)

WikiklesiaWikiklesia: Voices of the Virtual World – a collaborative / ecclesial e-book – virtual, self-organizing, participatory. From purpose to publication in four weeks. A collective and chaordic conversation on how technology is changing the church. Voices will be available as a PDF e-book on Amazon, and will include MP3 audio of each chapter in the author’s own voice. All proceeds from the Wikiklesia Project will be contributed to the Not For Sale campaign.

Here’s the best part. You can write a chapter for the book. We’re inviting 33 & 1/3 writers to share their perspectives and experiences on the intersection of technology and faith – an exploration on how emerging technologies are shaping the church. Send us a short proposal ASAP. We’ll read them all and invite the most visionary and intriguing ideas to be fleshed out for inclusion.

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2 responses to The Wikiklesia Project

  1. I hope you offer something on The Networked Conspiracy or The Generous Web.

  2. The focus will be the Generous Web – although I was tempted to write “Fear & Loathing of the Generous Web.”


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