Winnipeg Roxburgh Missional Conversation

kinnon —  May 4, 2007 — 2 Comments

Blogbutton-Winnipeg1My friends, Brother Maynard and Jamie Arpin-Ricci are busy preparing for a Winnipeg Missional Leadership Conversation with Alan Roxburgh – sponsored in part by Allelon and promoted by Resonate. Check out the website for more information. Please also consider putting a button on your blog to advertise the event.

Mark your calendar for the evening of June 5th – location to be determined. If you are in the Winnipeg area (or within a couple of hundred kilometers) it will be well worth attending.

For more information on sponsoring these kind of events, visit the Allelon website here. You can hear the Allelon Netcast of the Toronto event, An Evening with Alan Roxburgh in a Missional Conversation here (Alan Roxburgh in Toronto Part One and Two).

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2 responses to Winnipeg Roxburgh Missional Conversation

  1. Are you coming to town for this? I’ve signed up to check it out. Look us up & we can do dinner.

  2. Wish I was. I’ve got a great Winnipegger of your acquaintance who will be shooting it for me. Won’t be back to the ‘peg until August.


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