Allelon Summer Institute @ Fuller, First Afternoon

kinnon —  June 11, 2007 — 5 Comments

About 70 folk have gathered at Fuller to talk about Missional Leadership at the Allelon/Fuller/dePree Center Summer Institute. The Allelon and Fuller/dePree team includes Al Roxburgh, Eddie Gibbs, Mark Lau Branson, Scott Cormode, and Rick Beaton – quite an amazing team. The folk who’ve come to the event include people from Canada and the US – from as far North as Saskatchewan, as far west as Hawaii and as far east as Maryland. It’s a very interesting group of leaders.

This isn’t a typical conference where the experts speak and the people rapturously listen (or nod off). The key to these events is interaction. Plenary sessions plant some seeds and then people in their groups around tables begin to discuss, agree, disagree and wrestle with the concept(s). I was knocked out by this in the two Allelon events I attended last summer (before I began doing media work with them) and if you’ve seen the Allelon Who We Are video, then you’ve heard Steve Taylor’s comment about this.

Walt Kallestad did the plenary session this afternoon and spoke of how he’d been involved in growing a church from a couple of hundred of folk to many thousands – using an attractional model – and then coming to a place of seeing a lot of what they’d done as being wrong. He began to share how they have begun to move from attractional to missional – and the costs and pain involved. Walt speaks again tomorrow night. (And I’ll do my best to blog about it.)

Here are a few shots of the gathered groups after Walt spoke. Two of my favourite bloggers appear in these shots – Ryan Bell and Brad Bergfalk. See if you can find them. As I type this, Ryan is responding from his group to what Walt shared and what his group unpacked.

UPDATE: Tim Neufeld writes a more in-depth response to the day. David Phillips focuses on what Walt shared with the gathered folk.






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5 responses to Allelon Summer Institute @ Fuller, First Afternoon

  1. Bill…thank you so much for doing this! Wish I were there. Also appreciate your good work…keep it up.

  2. It’s great to hang with you here in this vibrant context of mutual learning. This is the best Allelon gathering I’ve been too.

    I’ll blog some tonight as well about this event.

    P.S. Your battery says “Hi”

  3. Bill, the conference is going great. My church team is having a wonderful time interacting and discussing case studies with a church from Honolulu. Al, Mark and the others are all bringing great commentary as well. Thanks for your work on this site and on Allelon.

  4. Thanks, Wes and Tim.

    Ryan, ’twas great having lunch together today.

    And if the rest of you are wondering. Ryan is set up in the middle of the room without accessible power. So my laptop, hooked up to power, is the host for his battery when it needs juice. My battery is busy keeping his laptop alive while his charges.

  5. I like that there’s more opportunity to interact. I’m sure a lot of people were really able to get tons out of the experience, many in ways they probably didn’t expect.


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