And the Winning Olympic Logo Design for London…

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…in the ugliest category is:


This is either a really bad joke…or just a really bad design. I was led here by the dear folks @ the BHT. One wag wryly comments on the Swastika likeness, “the 1936 Olympics seem to have gone pretty smoothly overall, so perhaps that’s a good omen“.

If you have a couple of minutes to waste and really don’t care about your eyesight, watch the video “explanation” of the awful design. From that site:

The new emblem is dynamic, modern and flexible. (BK: I just thought it was butt-ugly, thanks for the explanation.) It will work with new technology and across traditional and new media networks. (BK: In other words, it can be ugly everywhere.)

It will become London 2012’s visual icon, instantly recognisable amongst all age groups, all around the world. (BK: All of them wondering what the hell went wrong with the design process.) It will establish the character and identity of the London 2012 Games and what the Games will symbolise nationally and internationally. (BK: I certainly hope not.)

London is home to some of the best design companies in the world. One has to ask how this butt-ugly design was ever even considered. Yikes!

UPDATE: Check out the People’s alternates @ the Beeb. The first 11 are here.
UPDATE 2: Not only is it awful, but the animated version might trigger epileptic seisures. From MSNBC:

Epilepsy Action, a British health charity, said 10 people had complained about the animation and some had suffered seizures from watching images depicting a diver plunging into a pool.
The design is made up of four jagged pieces that form the numbers 2012 in a variety of colors. It cost $796,000 and was targeted at young people. The logo was unveiled Monday and within hours an online petition was established asking for a new design.

London’s Design Museum founder Stephen Bayley said the logo was “a puerile mess, an artistic flop and a commercial scandal.

Puerile mess” may be a more elegant turn of phrase, but those of us of Irish extraction have a much simpler word to use. We call it “shite.” [HT: Bill McKinnon @ BHT]

UPDATE 3: Via Jackie Danicki quoting Perry de Havilland

What does it look like to you? To me it is obvious: a collapsing structure of some sort, perhaps a building at the moment of demolition. The sense of downwards motion towards the bottom of the page is palpable.

Breathtaking. I mean what truly magnificent symbolism. The entire Olympic endeavour has been a massive looting spree with already grotesque cost over-runs (and it is only 2007), so surely something that conjures up images of collapse and disaster is really on the money… and speaking of money, at £400,000 (just under $800,000 USD) for the logo, it perfectly sums up the whole ‘Olympic Experience’ for London taxpayers.

No, if ever there was ‘truth in advertising’, this is it. Well done Lord Coe, I salute you.



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