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kinnon —  June 15, 2007 — 3 Comments

It’s been a great week in L.A. And a rather tiring one. I’ve shot 20+ hours of footage and am about to jump into the car to head back to Fuller to grab separate conversations between Mark Lau Branson and Rick Beaton & Mark LB and Scott Cormode. These will become Allelon Netcasts later in the summer.

While we’ve been in LA without him, Mark Priddy has set up a blog at the Allelon site called Missional Journey – Thoughts Along the Way. Some of the blog posts about the Summer Institute from other bloggers and me are up there. This blog will eventually include posts from a variety of practitioners and theoreticians – writing about their experiences on the missional journey. It will be one of four blogs that will be part of Allelon, including the Roxburgh Journal (which moves to blog format in July), the Mark Priddy blog and Moving Back to the Neighbourhood – a blog that talks about the missional move into the suburbs.

The latest Allelon Netcast Roxburgh Journal, Amazing Grace meets the Emerging Church, a conversation between Jonny Baker and Al Roxburgh is up @ iTunes and should also be available from the Allelon site later today. (The iTunes version includes chapters and graphics.) Also later today, check out the conversation with Bishop Graham Cray, as well – a ten minute video that we shot at Lambeth Palace two weeks ago.

We are back at the Falsons, enjoying their hospitality and head down to Irvine after our Fuller appointments to spend the weekend with good friends – before our Sunday flight out of town. Imbi and I are off to Vancouver where we will be all next week. The Vancouver Allelon Summer Institute starts on Monday and should prove to be another good event. I look forward to meeting a number of you there.

I’ll blog when I can.



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3 responses to Busy Week – Little Blogging

  1. Bill, I unfortunately won’t be able to make the event. It is too close to Q-end here at monster public software sales company….and I have taken too much time off with courses recently etc…

    I may try and sneak away to Carey on Tuesday in the afternoon. It’d be good to meet some of the fellow bloggers and such.

  2. I will just miss you by a day, arriving in LaLa land on Monday night. Layover for the day Monday, and fly to Bangkok Monday night. Three weeks filming, two weeks packing, and we settle into our place in Cambridge on Aug.1. Will connect at some point I am sure!

  3. Bill… I met Chris Falson one time through a friend of mine Stan Endicott… Chris is a really nice guy! Talks funny though ;=)


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