Conversations with Bishop Larry and the Man of the Sacred SqueezeBox

kinnon —  June 20, 2007 — 2 Comments

John Santic has had the great and much desired opportunity of meeting the one and only Most Reverend and Very Bishop Dr. Larry Newinskin. This event took place a few years ago, and John has finally gotten around to sharing that experience. (Not sure why it took this long. Perhaps John was overwhelmed by the experience.)

A brief quote from the Q&A John did with the Most Reverend Bishop Dr.

JS: Tell me what you’re thinking through theologically these days.

BLN: Wow, good question. My thoughts are deep, somehow too deep to recall at times. All I know is that the church is declining in the UK and abroad and that God is up to something mischievous these days in the post modern world. So…to answer your question…I am thinking a lot about premillenial eschatology, you know, rapture stuff and the cessational-type things some churches believe.

Rumour hath it that Brother Santic may be a long lost relative of the highly esteemed (at least around these parts), Brant Hansen – him of the Sacred SqueezeBox. Brother Hansen recently found himself being interviewed on Home Church™.

So, you really love the “home church” model. I’ve heard about that model. That’s a cool model, the “home church” model.

Uh…I’m not interested in “home church”, to be honest. No offense to committed Home Church people. Or any “model”, I guess. The combined phrase “Home Church Model” makes me…fight to…stay…awake…

But that’s your thing! But you meet in homes and stuff, right? You’re a Home Church Person. That’s the box I’ve already put this in. Please stay there.

Well, homes are where the furniture is, and the fridge. But there’s nothing magically delicious about homes. I don’t think it much matters.

Oh. I thought you were all against buildings and staff and stuff. I thought that issue was your big priority.

I’d suggest I’m not the one making it an issue. I think American churches will spend, oh, $30 billion plus this year on staff and buildings. Apparently that’s somebody’s issue.

I await, with baited breath* (which does not mean I have a worm on my tongue), Brant’s interview with Bishop Larry. Maybe John could set it up, eh!



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2 responses to Conversations with Bishop Larry and the Man of the Sacred SqueezeBox

  1. I am open to hooking the Bish up with Brant…He is; however, very, very busy giving important and esoteric theological talks once or twice a year. But I think I can finagle him.

  2. Bill,
    I was truly enlightened by the Bishop Larry Newinekin’s prescient remarks!! LOL


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