David Hayward & Suffering vs Success

kinnon —  June 26, 2007 — Leave a comment

What would you do with a Naked Pastor? I’d suggest you read him.  His 10 Tips for Increasing Church Growth and Income is a primer for way too many church leadership folk.

3. Reward those who give with frequent public recognition and praise.
4. Teach that giving to the church is what gets God acting on our behalf.
5.Always concoct the impression that something great is just about to happen so that the level of anticipation keeps people coming, expecting the special event to happen at anytime. Keep the excitement level high and eliminate the darker realities of human emotions from the service.

And today,  another brilliantly pointed cartoon from the pen of the pastor:


David and Brant (see below) are two of my must read blogs. This cartoon just seems to fit with Brant’s post. Not sure why. 



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