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kinnon —  June 2, 2007 — Leave a comment
  • Speaking of Andrew Jones, he’s written a gracious response to John Macarthur’s Truth War. Much more gracious than my own. (Although Andrew does call me “infamous” here. I wonder why?)
  • Gideon Strauss points to an interesting article from Richard Mouw (Fuller President). And then wonders about Japan’s propensity for cuteness. (He also quotes extensively from our joint good friend, Jonathan Chaplin, here.)
  • Ed Brenegar tracks Doc Searls tracking Karim Lekhani on Knowledge beyond Authority.
  • Ron Cole shares a video of McLaren on The Worship Industry. Watch it. Video originally from here.
  • Groothius quotes Behe on Michael’s new book, The Edge of Evolution – The Search for the Limits of Darwinism (I can hear Dawkins grinding his teeth from here. I wish he’d stop. It’s just annoying.)
  • Michael Spencer continues to prove why some of the finest voices come from the oddest of placesFive Post-evangelical Answers for Today’s Evangelical Crisis
  • John Stackhouse on the Big-Man Sin-drone (intentional misspelling on my part) – Leadership Structures as If We Believed What We Preach. (This post was up next in Google Reader after Stackhouse. It just seems to fit. “Executive” Evangelicals. Perhaps that should be Executive Evanjellyfish.)
  • A must-read debate between Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson. (I’ve been a Hitchens fan in the past – and not particularly a Wilson fan. Perhaps my position has changed on this. Hitchens’ apparent moral superiority is only mildly amusing. Wilson consistently skewers him. And Hitchens doesn’t seem to notice or even understand. How very sad. Wilson’s Wyatt Earp quote is truly priceless. I wonder if I’m also hearing Hitchens grinding his teeth.) (HT: Mere Comments)

The blog title is stolen from Weinberger’s good book Everything is Miscellaneous. An important read. One I may yet review. And if you are involved in any kind of leadership, you must read THIS book. Or follow along with Bob Sutton here. Or his blog, here. (Note how I’ve studiously avoided naming Bob’s book. It’s called The No Asshole Rule. In case you were wondering.)

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