Final Cut Studio 2 & a hot day @ the Lake

kinnon —  June 2, 2007 — 4 Comments

FcponlawnSunbeams blast off the Lake. Still air filled with the twitterings and buzzing of those things alive. Outside temp approaching 90º.

And me?

I’m glancing up to reality from my 24″ screen that sits in front of the window. About to watch the progress bar on the install of Final Cut Studio 2. I just told Imbi it felt like Christmas to me. She dryly responded, “It’s June the 2nd.”

Then she went outside.



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4 responses to Final Cut Studio 2 & a hot day @ the Lake

  1. Ah! Sweet technology … all shiny and new.


  2. Now I can see my wife gently swinging in the breeze…on a swing chair, actually. Some people suggest I should get a life.


    I need to swap disks in the install. Ciao.

  3. Hi, Bill.

    Grace over at “Emerging Grace” has a new entry for the TPFKATC meme. It’s about “the leader.” Good stuff.
    link to

  4. Hey, it’s hotter up there than down here in the tropics. Good on ya, mate.


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