Grace Nails it Again

kinnon —  June 5, 2007 — 6 Comments

Read Grace’s post, Always Be Nice.

Christians should always be nice. We should use nice language, smile a lot, be happy, turn the other cheek, did I say smile a lot? Happy, happy, happy.

I am not suggesting we be nasty, but I have noticed that sometimes christians squirm at the least bit of conflict or difficulty. The reality is that life outside the christian bubble is not always syrupy sweet, and sometimes life within the christian bubble is not all that sweet either.

I was visiting with my friend the other day who was recently kicked out of our CLB*. She and her husband had recently attended a social event where the pastor who kicked them out was also in attendance. It bothered her that her husband avoided the pastor during this party.

In spite of the fact that there has been no acknowledgment of the wrongness of what was done and no attempts at reconciliation, the expectation is that her husband would play nice. He is expected to act as if nothing happened. Why? So the a**hole pastor can feel good about himself?

Oops! That wasn’t nice, was it?

Go and read the entire post, and comment there, please.

*CLB, the Brother Maynard coined abbreviation for Church Left Behind.

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6 responses to Grace Nails it Again

  1. I’m commenting right here.

  2. You would. BTW – weren’t you in a band with two of your brothers?

  3. (Hansen, quickly changing the subject…)

    You’re the one who looks like Bob Seger.

  4. Michael McDonald!!!! Not Bob Seger. Puhleeze! And didn’t you use to have blonde hair. I think the accordion is a decoy.

  5. Don’t be ashamed to admit you’re working on some night moves.

  6. Trust me, brother! I’m Taking it To the Streets! Now, about that accordion…


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