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kinnon —  June 8, 2007 — 1 Comment

It’s gone from being close to freezing here to 82ºF in my office, and humid. I haven’t got around to putting the air-conditioner into a window in this room – so I’m working in the heat. Won’t bother telling you how I’m dressed.

I’m putting the next Allelon Netcast Roxburgh Journal together. This is the interview that Al did with Jonny Baker in a hotel room in downtown London two weeks ago. The sounds of the city appear regularly during the almost one hour netcast. It’s an interesting interview – in spite of the city contributions.

Earlier that same day, Alan and I were at Lambeth Palace @ a TiM (Together in Mission) event. I’l be editing the video interview I shot there between Alan and Bishop Graham Cray. (Alan and I did a four hour walk around London between the two interviews.) Graham is one of the folk behind Fresh Expressions (a joint venture of the Church of England and the Methodist Church in the UK) and the document, The Mission-Shaped Church. The video will be around ten minutes in length.

Graham and I share a connection to David Watson. Graham worked with him. I became a Christian under his ministry – and his books shaped my early Christian life. In fact, it would be safe to say that Watson’s influence has had the most impact of any Christian leader & writer on my Christian journey. He died of cancer in 1984 – only two years after I became a believer. (Watson’s writing is what introduced Imbi & me to John Wimber.)

Jonny and Alan talk about David’s influence on the church in the UK in the upcoming Roxburgh Journal Netcast. The audio will be up next Friday at the Allelon site and hopefully in iTunes on the same day. (Search: Alan Roxburgh in the iTunes store.) The iTunes version has chapters, graphics and weblinks. And there are five other Journals available there (and on the Allelon site.) The Cray interview video will be available @ Allelon next Friday, as well. Please check them out.



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  1. David Watson’s books also were very dear to me during my OTS years and during my charismatic awakening. Great memories. Thanks.


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