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I guess it depends on what your definition of “it” is. In this case, it’s internet access.

Last summer on the island, we used a combination of EDGE technology (via bluetooth – laptop to phone) and dialup for our access here at the top of Cook’s Bay in Lake Simcoe about an hour north of Toronto.

As this would be the first (and hopefully only) year that we wouldn’t have a Toronto “home”, it was critical that Imbi and I have high-speed internet access here for work. I spent part of the spring searching for providers – almost went Satellite and then discovered that Look works here on the island. (For less money than satellite, plus we get 40 channels of pointless television. Satelitte TV was the same cost just for TV service as the entire cost of the Look setup per month for TV and Internet.)

Snake-Island-InternetaccessI’ve been knocked out by the speed. We supposedly had high-speed access from Rogers at our Toronto rental in the Beach.

But we regularly lost Vonage phone service and the net felt hand-cranked half the time. Not so here in the hinterlands.

Look provides us with Microwave High Speed. The signal travels about three miles from a tree on our property to a Microwave tower across the lake. The numbers speak for themselves. (On Monday I uploaded a 300MB file to without a hitch – 50% faster than I’d ever achieved uploading to on Rogers.)

We are paying for a 1.5MB up/384K down service. And these are the numbers we are getting. Pretty darn close. I asked about going with their 3MBs service and was told it probably wasn’t worth it – we should experience the speed they told us. It’s never been my experience in the past. That’s changed with Look. Good on them.

Rogers was never even close to providing us with their slowest “high-speed” service in the city and we were paying for their true “high-speed” service.

Click on the image below to check the speed of your provider. Are they telling you the truth.

Speakeasy Speed Test

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6 responses to How Can it Be Faster Here

  1. OK, now I’m jealous…

    When we were in Canada, we had Sympatico high speed, and I was always impressed with it. It was consistently faster than my neighbours Rogers connection.

    Now, in Ukraine, we have to connect through a CDMA cell phone (it’s the only option where we live, and I experience a blisteringly high speed of 60K for downloads and 64K for uploads.

    Sure changes how we use the internet!

  2. We use Mediacom cable broadband here in mid-Missouri, and they consistently get faster with each year while rarely raising prices (once in seven years). Current test results from Speakeasy:

    Last Result:
    Download Speed: 6243 kbps (780.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 489 kbps (61.1 KB/sec transfer rate)

    On a very large Linux CD image download recently I peaked out somewhere in the 8000 kbps range. Not too bad. πŸ™‚

    Earlier this year I thought I was paying too much for their service ($55/mo) and brought in DSL from Embarq ($29/mo). Luckily I didn’t cancel the cable beforehand, because the BEST the DSL was able to deliver at our house was around 190 kbps. I decided the extra $26/mo. was worth the 33x speed differential. πŸ™‚ Especially since my wife and I are both heavy Internet users, and I sometimes work from home as well.

    Enjoy your “summer of speed”.


  3. ‘Tis okay Rainer to be jealous, ’cause Jim has now made me jealous. That download speed is amazing. Although your upload is only about 25% faster. The upload speed is critical for me as I’m uploading media files constantly.

    When we move back to Toronto this September, I need to decide what provider to go with. I hate Bell Canada, but it will probably be with them.

  4. Just did your testing based on that link- here are the results with Rogers Cable in the Danforth area

    Tested with servers from four sites (San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, NY city)
    Download: 4370, 4081, 5890, 5866
    Upload: 501, 495, 500, 503

    Wonder why the Beaches was so poor

    Dan MacD

  5. Dan,
    I’d love to know if there is any change in speed at peak usage time.

  6. That is nearly exactly the speed we get here on Canada west coast with TELUS ADSL.


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