Hugh Hewitt, Mark Roberts & Christopher Hitchens

kinnon —  June 6, 2007 — 2 Comments

The iMonk points to the Great God Debate on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show. Transcript is here. Audio segments are here.

I’ll be listening once I get the Wikiklesia chapter finished. 2 hours of phone calls preempted much writing – but I’m probably three to four hours away from being done. Then I’ll sleep on it, fix what I discover is wrong in the morning, have Imbi edit it and then send it off.

Update: Fixed the title – not Dever but Roberts. ‘Tis what happens when you try to do too many things @ once.

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2 responses to Hugh Hewitt, Mark Roberts & Christopher Hitchens

  1. Just finished listening to Hugh Hewitt “Great God Debate.” It was an intelligent, lively, challenging and worthwhile exchange. So often Christopher Hitchens eviscerates challengers, and so entertainingly. However, there was very little evisceration and no rancor but very honest and well developed conversation. It was absolutely stunning. This is in great measure due to the courtesy of the interviewer, who permitted fully developed answers without unduly intruding his own reactions into the discussion, and to the caliber of Dr. Roberts, who contended with Hitchens for the broadcast.

  2. Mark D. Roberts, Mark Dever – easy mistake, right? I’d been reading a post on Dever just before the one that triggered this post. Thanks for gently correcting me.


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