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kinnon —  June 23, 2007 — 6 Comments

I like things quickly. Whether an answer to a question, a meal, or some desperately needed consumer device. I’d really rather not wait. Patience is not a virtue I’ve practiced particularly successfully. There are a few people like me.

I grabbed a fast lunch in a West Vancouver restaurant yesterday with Al and Mike. The food arrived at an appropriate pace…for me (even if the person serving was a tad too perky). The three of us talked about the previous week’s conference, about the 25 million North American Christians who no longer attend “a church of their choice” and about the church in the developing world.

We spoke of the kind of Christian community we’d like to experience. A community focussed on the other – both locally and globally. Where the generosity of the group would be expressed in open hospitality. Where 80 – 90% of raised funds would not go to paying for buildings and employees. Where our responsibility would be to the powerless – both here and in the developing world.

We spoke of practical ideas like micro-finance. I wondered why it was a Muslim (Nobel prize-winning Muhammed Yunus) who had blazed the trail and not a Christian.

In this wonderfully generative conversation, I was struck by how I wanted these things now. Where would I find this group when I returned home? What number would I call? Which Toronto blogger could point me to that community? Where would I find Instant Missional?

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6 responses to Instant Missional

  1. Umm… Winnipeg? (wink)

  2. Good thoughts, Bill – I enjoyed our conversation too. And thanks for lunch… after Al “forgot” his wallet!

  3. …we wonder the same here in Denver. Great post…thanks!

  4. Idaho..wink..forget about Winnipeg…just joking Jamie.

    And Wes, your over here enough in eagle you can just hang out….you are already part of the neighborhood…haaaa

    I guess the only other thought is its time to dive in like the rest of us smucks and go for it….The Landing Community center/Missional Community coming to a local Toronto neighborhood soon. Don’t worry it won’t hurt to bad.

    See ya soon Bill. Love you bro and thanks for all the hard work. I am blessed to be on the journey wiht you. Mark

  5. I think I’ll need to write an Instant Missional Part Two – as I don’t believe that Instant Missional is either possible, or, indeed, desirable.

    I was thinking of those who’d gone before, described in Hebrews 11, when I wrote the post. It was well hidden.

  6. I agree with you Bill, maybe in an instant society something that takes time, commitment, sacrifice etc just can’t be instant?

    Maybe such a community would help us to face some of our consumer malady of wanting it all and wanting it now 🙂


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