Sunday Morning in LA

kinnon —  June 10, 2007 — 2 Comments

It’s Sunday morning in LA. (Which might be obvious from the title of this post.) I woke up early to a quiet house with the intent of finishing the chapter in Wikiklesia that is due tomorrow. That was over an hour ago. Progress is slow. (It only needs some editing and an ending. Nothing major.)

However, a tea has just been placed beside me by my friend, Chris, toast is toasting and perhaps sustenance will loosen the seized up areas in my brain. Or at least shut down the procrastination filter.

Imbi and I got into town about 6:30 last night. With slow baggage arrival, long wait for the rental company bus and then a long walk to the rental car – we didn’t get to our first destination ’til almost 8. Of course, that destination was In N Out Burger on Sepulveda, mere moments from the airport. Mmmm.

We watched planes land as we finished our burgers and shakes in the car. And then we pressed Go on the Garmin GPS and the dulcet tones of a British lass began to guide us on our way.

The Garmin brought us somewhat effortlessly to our friends door in Studio City…which I promptly drove past. Once that was sorted, we enjoyed many hours of conversation with Chris and Karyn, and then slept like logs.

But enough about me. I really must get back to the chapter.



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2 responses to Sunday Morning in LA

  1. Welcome to L.A.!!!

    We ALWAYS go to that In N Out: Doug loves to watch the planes and the kiddos like to climb the trees!

    Hope your stay is great πŸ™‚

  2. I go to that In N Out burger too! Bought a t-shirt for my son there, which he loved. Best burgers in CA.


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