The People formerly known as… (cont)

kinnon —  June 10, 2007 — Leave a comment

Brother Maynard calls it the meme that never dies.

Proof of that would be two new additions to the lexicon.

First is The Person Formerly Known as Your Leader which could be viewed as a subset of John Frye’s Formerly Known as the Pastor piece. The former leader’s writing has had a profound impact on a number of folk (read the comments) and is an act of repentance.

And then there’s this from Brant Hansen, The People Formerly Known as the Missions Committee – the first addition to the meme that’s dedicated to me. (Gee, thanks Brant…I guess.)

Hansen (rumors that he was the accordion player in a ’90’s pop group with a phonetically identically name, notwithstanding) is a rare gift. He writes with the guilelessness of Forrest Gump (“life is like a box of chocolates”) and the wit of Art Buchwald. TPFKatMC is a worthy addition to the never-ending meme – with a much needed note of levity.

We, TPFKATMC, have thoroughly enjoyed writing checks worth 9-12% of the annual budget to “missions” organizations. That is, until we realized the church itself is supposed to BE a mission — the church IS the mission — and that spending 88% of our budget to provide for organizational “non-missions” (?) costs, goods, and services, was…kinda awkward.

So we quit.

Please read both posts.

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