Thoughts on a Rainy Tuesday Morning

kinnon —  June 5, 2007 — Leave a comment

A meandering blog post.

I’ve been at my desk since just after six, this morning. ‘Twould seem jet-lag finally managed to grab me last night after I thought I’d escaped its clutches with this. I was off to bed as the sun set last night. This morning, one wouldn’t be able to locate the sun. Rain pours down outside my window. The air is a little chilly in this uninsulated cottage. I may need to plug the heater in…after a number of days of near 90ºF heat. (Canada has been Celsius for decades – ºF make more sense to me.)

I’m attempting to work on my Wikiklesia book chapter. Friends like Ed Brenegar already have theirs in. (Of course, Ed arrived in Scotland for a well deserved vacation, this morning.) John La Grou (co-ordinating the project with Len Hjalmarson) taunts the tardy with reports of the high quality of work already submitted. Anxiety up. Output down.

NakedPastor, David Hayward and I have been commiserating this morning – when we really should both be writing. (I hope David’s chapter includes some of his killer cartoons. You are reading him daily, aren’t you? Today’s is priceless.)

How do I get the ideas out into a manipulatable form?

One of my more important writing tools is NovaMind mind mapping software. I used it last year when I wrote A Networked Conspiracy. I also used it extensively in my meetings last week. I find it really helps me “see” my thoughts and ideas. And, as it easy to move stuff around, it helps me organize them.

Here’s the Mind Map from last year that I created to help me see the Generous Web meme I was part of instigating. It’s also helping me write my chapter for Wikiklesia – The Generous Web (oddly enough).

Click on the pic for a larger view opening in a separate window.



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