A Missional Order

kinnon —  July 11, 2007 — 1 Comment

My blogging friend (and with John La Grou, the driving force behind the Wikiklesia Project), Len Hjalmarson has an interesting post @ Resonate.cawhy a missional order?

…a new kind of local ekklesial network.. a non-hierarchical network of friends who are committed to kingdom purposes and identified with the interests of Jesus. The purpose of such a network would be to encourage kingdom initiatives and resource kingdom people in their ministry and missional efforts, efforts that generally do not fit into neat and predictable categories, that take a shape not readily validated or that are not easily resourced through traditional means.

Len makes reference to Alan’s post @ the Roxburgh Journal, Conversations and Reflections on the Missional Order,

Growing numbers of leaders are aware that missional change is not primarily about techniques and programs. It’s about culture or worldview change… The question is: How does this kind of disciplined culture change occur? there is one element that does seem common to those leaders who sustain themselves on the way – they are rooted in some form of regular spiritual practices… but .. the vast majority of church leaders have no daily form of Christian practice or formation in their own lives.

There will be an Allelon sponsored gathering to talk about a Missional Order in October. Andrew Jones will be joining Alan to facilitate these discussions. The location is not yet set, but will probably be in the Pacific Northwest.

Please make a point of reading Len’s full post @ Resonate.



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  1. …what are the dates for the October missional order meeting?


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