A Must Read Post from Triple D*

kinnon —  July 2, 2007 — 1 Comment

Darryl Dash has a great post on The Drew Marshall "We’ll pay you to go to church" experiment.

I’m finding this fascinating. Canadian Christian radio host Drew Marshall has hired two non-Christians to visit five churches and report on their experiences.

I really didn’t like the idea at first. To me it seemed like hiring two vegans to go out and rate five steakhouses.

Maybe I was wrong. So far they’ve visited four churches. I don’t agree with everything they’ve written, of course, but they’ve made some very perceptive observations.

Go read them, please.

*(I called him Double D until he got his Doctorate, thus…)



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  1. Hoof Hearted – start at the beginning, it really is an interesting read, from the beginning of the contest selection, through Sabrina and Taylor’s bios, MetaFilter, the flack from religious people and the church reports.

    They’ll be on Marshall’s radio program July 7th.

    link to drewmarshall.ca


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