Amazing Grace…and Chris

kinnon —  July 1, 2007 — Leave a comment

I’ve written a little of my good friend, Chris Falson, on this thin corner of the generous web. Chris is one of those naturally talented musicians who practices his craft. A craft that has included writing for the sacred, for half-empty people in bars, for the mysteries of the stage, small-screen moments and even the cinema.

He is also a gifted storyteller.

Early 2007 a writer/producer with whom I often work called to see whether or not I had my own (vocal) version of Amazing Grace. He was in the final edit of a documentary about a Prison and was at odds with the score for a particular scene…… he had tried placing several songs into the situation including Sufjan Steven’s recording of Amazing Grace and had yet to find ‘the one’. As he described the scene I could imagine the sound of an old, gray headed, blues singer (John Lee Hooker) sitting on a porch, playing a beat up guitar and singing to nobody in particular. But I wasn’t the director of this documentary was I……..

Go and read the entire post – and hear his recording of Amazing Grace.



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