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kinnon —  July 20, 2007 — 1 Comment

My flight from Vancouver was delayed slightly but I was out of the Toronto Airport at 8:55pm last night. I was picked up by good friends of ours who were in transit from Pittsburgh to our cottage.

Nearing the Lake, George informed me that he’d read on-line that we could expect 40 Knot winds on Lake Simcoe. (The plane delay had been weather based as we were forced to wait 30 minutes before landing.) Mild panic enveloped me as we are on the windy side of the island. I called Imbi who informed me that the waves were picking up.

We arrived at the marina as I heard our boat struggling its way across from the island. We loaded up quickly and were underway with our well trained boat pilot, Rylan at the helm. (Rylan is a water taxi driver all summer long. He’s the best boat handler of the bunch of us.) Increasingly rough water only mildly hampered him getting us to our dock – and we quickly unloaded the boat as we were pulling it up and out of the water.

Had we been delayed by another 30 minutes – we would have been staying on the mainland. The winds howled for most of the night and continue only slightly less force-filled today. We are off to wander the inner roads of the island.

I will have something substantive to say from my week with missional theologians, leaders and practitioners – as well as from my Missional Shampoo post. It may be as late as Monday before I get the opportunity to write it.



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  1. Pleased you made it home safely mate. Great to have caught up.


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