Engaging the Neighborhoods

kinnon —  July 17, 2007 — 1 Comment

As is my wont, I would like to point you at the latest Roxburgh Journal that has just gone live. (If you’ve subscribed via iTunes, then you should already have it.) Whilst editing this piece I found myself strongly moved by the conversation between Pete Atkins and Al. Here is a medical doctor who has given his life (as has his wonderful wife, Kath) to building Christian community from “the Humber to the the Wash” in Lincolnshire, UK. They are committed to seeing vibrant Christian communities in every town and village of this area of North England. And they have truly wonderful, mission-shaped stories to tell.

PetekathalanThe shot used here is from the video I shot while with Alan on this trip.

Pete and Kath Atkins are gracious hosts who served us a wonderful meal as they unpacked the stories of what is happening in Lincolnshire. We have a lot more to share from the 8 hours we spent together with them – and I look forward to taking the time to cut the videos together.

The Atkins are part of Fresh Expressions – a work of the Church of England and the Methodist Church. Take a few minutes to download and read the document that has fueled Fresh ExpressionsThe Mission-Shaped Church Report.



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  1. I just listened to it and what stuck out for me was how their desire was to bear witness to the the kingdom first and trust God’s grace and blessing to satisfy their prayer for Christian communities in each of the villages…


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