Missional Shampoo – Rinse & Repeat

kinnon —  July 24, 2007 — 2 Comments

Shampoo-Bottle-TinyDrew Goodmanson lets us know that Ed Stetzer also wasn’t happy with Drew’s post that prompted Missional Shampoo. Drew is at the GCA Church Planting conference. He comments,

Ed Stetzer came over and gave me a hard time for my Missional – Missio Dei, Missionary or Mission post that got him in trouble over at Bill Kinnon‘s blog. Stetzer’s talk is now leading many in the emerging church to begin the overthrow of governments according to Kinnon (all in good fun people). I realize my post didn’t portray Stetzer’s full intent, I apologize for the ease of the straw man argument with no substance. Stetzer asked us not to post further, so we’re left waiting for his article to come out….. (no pressure Stetzer).

Now I need to get back to my work as an agent provocateur, if we are ever going to overthrow the tyrannical government of Ontario. (That would be a joke, Carnivore. The government of Ontario is not tyrannical. Somewhat dimwitted, perhaps.)

UPDATE: Brother Maynard weighs in with Missional: Now in Three Bold New Flavours!

In the comments on this post, Drew says the Stetzer article should be out in a couple of weeks and “may cause some controversy.”

As an aside, Drew has written one of the chapters in the Wikiklesia Project Voices of the Virtual World. Here’s a quote:

Just as the printing press facilitated the protestant movement, the internet has created a critical mass of people engaged in new ways of being the church. The internet allows similarly minded Christians to gather and express themselves as ecclesia. Today, the internet is connecting people to house churches, urban churches, coffee-house churches and churches in bars. As these churches form, they are collaborating with one another through the internet. Movements are being founded, relationships created across continents and cultures. These expressions of church are establishing a new sense of global ecclesia that transcends denominational barriers; it is based on relationship, not power. (Pages 117 – 8)

‘Tis good stuff. You might want to buy the book and read it all.



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2 responses to Missional Shampoo – Rinse & Repeat

  1. Bill,

    His paper will surely still cause some controversy, I just don’t want to take his quotes outside of the context of what he said. Stetzer has spoken with a number of people to present the three diff’t views of misisonal. He said it should be out in a couple weeks.

  2. Drew,
    I do hope that Stetzer chooses to communicate in the irenic style of Tim Keller, rather than a more TR approach to the conversation. One of the reasons that Keller is well-loved by those of us who lean a little more Arminian in our theology is the way he communicates with much grace and love. I trust Stetzer will do the same.


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